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Tired of paying high interest rates, can’t buy or refinance a home, car loans and credit card rates higher than 20% interest, high car insurance and home owners insurance rates, need better credit for a job. The truth is your credit is costing you tens of thousands of dollars every year. The Credit Crisis is making it harder to qualify for everything and driving high interest rates. You need to do something about your Credit, You Need A Higher Credit Score Now!!

Credit Restoration of Texas has affordable plans to help get you started as quickly as possible.

We have one level of excellent service to offer our clients “Premium Comprehensive Credit Restoration”

This Comprehensive Custom Service Includes The Following:

  • A Professional Corporation With Years of Proven Results
  • 24/7 Online Access To Your Credit Restoration Process
  • 6 Full Months of Disputes and Eliminations With All Three Major Credit Bureaus
  • Debt Validation Demands Of Creditors & Collectors (very advanced tactic)
  • Assistance With Credit Questions & Education
  • Registered with the Secretary of State, Bonded and A+ BBB
  • No Risk Refund Policy…You Will See Results
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Call for Free Credit Analysis 1-855-477-7269
  • Pricing Based On Your Credit Profile, Payment Plans Available

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WORK PRODUCT. Credit Restoration of Texas is here to assist our clients in improving their credit profile. Credit Restoration of Texas does not guarantee the permanent removal of accurate, verifiable, current information or the removal of any specific item(s) on the credit report, specific score improvement or that using our service will get you approved for any type of loan due to many factors outside our control.

First Work is performed then First Payment is charged after the following items are performed:

  • Create a unique, secure interactive client web portal for online access
  • Create a unique, secure online environment as part of client web portal for secure document sharing & transfer
  • Assist client in obtaining copy of credit report if needed
  • Analysis and review of client credit report
  • Transfer all relevant data from client’s credit reports into our secure online tracking system
  • Enter client’s information into secure web portal for tracking purpose
  • Provide client with budget planning tools via web portal

Monthly Service Fee is only collected upon completion of one or more items below:

  • Analysis and review of client status
  • Update client secure interactive web portal with most recent updates and or notes
  • Receiving, processing, and updating manual updates
  • Respond to, Receive and or initiate correspondence via telephone
  • Respond to, Receive and or initiate correspondence via email
  • Respond to, Receive and or initiate correspondence via Facsimile
  • Respond to, Receive and or initiate correspondence via i.e.: USPS, FedEx etc.
  • Review clients credit report updates and determine next step
  • Create strategic plan to assist clients in meeting their goals
  • Create dispute and debt validation letters that are mailed to you in a packet which will contain instructions, stamped envelopes, and letters that are to be mailed as instructed to the creditors, collectors and credit bureaus.
  • Assist client with credit questions
  • Provide ongoing credit education
  • Review accounts with client and determine which accounts will be disputed and the reason

No Risk Refund Policy

Services Provider does not make any claims as to guarantee the end result of the services provided. Each Client can expect different results.

After you have completed the 6 month program and have made all your payments; if you feel unsure about the service provided, you can request an evaluation of your account. We will compare the before credit reports to the after credit reports and may request your assistance in obtaining them so that we can review them together. If we have not deleted/improved 35% of the possible deletions/improvements (example there are 4 collection accounts reporting on all three of the credit bureaus this would equal 12 possible deletions, we must perform 4.2 deletions this would equal 35%) or have score improvement we will refund all payments made.

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