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Who We Are:

Credit Restoration of Texas was started in beautiful San Antonio, Texas in 2007, and since then has helped over 5,000 clients improve their credit scores and accomplish their dreams. We have helped our clients with home ownership, car loans, business loans and have saved them millions of dollars in interest. When asked what sets us apart from other credit repair companies, it comes down to the most important factor in the credit service industry, and that is “Our Outstanding Track Record”. Don’t go with any company, go with a company that is dedicated to delivering results!

We don’t do just credit repair we do “Credit Restoration,” there is a big difference and it involves having a dedicated Credit Analyst assigned to you from the beginning, being able to call in and ask all questions credit related, and being given expert credit advice. It involves a combination of removing unverifiable negative items, building new powerful lines of credit and effectively settling negative accounts for deletion. We are here to educate everyone who has questions about credit. You will also have access to our qualified realtors, mortgage bankers, and lending institutions to help you accomplish your goals.

We give a free, thorough credit consultation which involves reviewing the client’s goal, analysis of the credit report, plan development and what it’s really going to take to get the client from where they are to where they want to be, so they can accomplish their goal.

About The Owner

Robby Allen has been a real estate investor in San Antonio, TX since 2004, primarily buying and selling residential properties. As banking lending guide lines and credit requirements for home mortgages became more and more difficult to meet, it became apparent for the need to help home buyers meet the new credit score requirements. He began researching credit scoring, what could be done to aggressively increase scores, and how the FICO scoring system was driven.

They sought out the nation’s leading credit repair expert, attorney Edward Jamison to get the most up to date information and real insight into the credit repair business. After successfully completing Jamison’s credit restoration program, Credit Restoration of Texas was formed.

Since 2007 Robby and his team have successfully helped thousands of people nationwide improve their credit. He works actively in the business, and is member of various real estate, mortgage, and business associations.

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For more information, contact us for a free credit consultation 855-477-7269.


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Robby Allen, President
Credit Restoration Of Texas
Registered, Bonded, A+ BBB

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